Handmade Terracotta Clay Hamster’s Hideout

DIY hamster's house

I made this hideout during art workshops I attend. It will be placed in the hamster’s playground together with other handmade clay gadgets.


  • terracotta clay
  • transparent glaze

half a conker shaped hamster hut


  • clay tools
  • pottery kiln

hideout for the hamster

Your thoughts…

  1. Is the glaze safe for them? I’m wanting to make something for my hammie in art but wasn’t sure if the glaze would be safe if he tries to chew it.

  2. @facebook-100004068782856:disqus Our Syrian hamster tries to gnaw on unglazed things but never on glazed ones… Most ceramic hamster’s bowls in pet stores are glazed as well so I guess it is safe.

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