Halloween Nail Art – Spider Webs & Jack-O-Lanterns

Matching nail art is an essential part of any Halloween celebrations, if you don’t have time to make the spider web pattern you can always go for black & orange crackle effect which takes only seconds.

Halloween nails spider webs


  • orange nail polish for the base, I used pearl one
  • black nail art pen / nail art lacquer (nail polish with thinner brush)
  • purple nail art pen – optional
  • silver glitter nail art pen

nail polish nail art pen nail art varnish


  1. Paint all nails with orange colour, one or two layers depending on nail polish.
  2. To make spider web design using black (or purple) nail art pen draw diagonally across each nail 3 wavy lines, then connect them with couple straight lines to the corner of the nails.
    To make pumpkin design just draw triangle eyes and spooky smiles with black nail art pen.
  3. Finish with strokes of silver glitter.

Halloween nails step by step

Here is how my older daughter’s nails came out…

kids nail art for Halloween

… and here are hands of the little one, she wasn’t patient enough so some of her nails are smudged :)

Kids Halloween nails


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  1. How creative :) :) 

  2. Pretty! Happy Halloween!

  3. Thank you!!!

    @wiffy:disqus  Happy Halloween to you, too! :)

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