Miniature Fairy Gardens with Succulents – DIY Gift Idea

Creating fairy garden with kids is fun and they make great DIY presents for friends and family afterwards or even teacher appreciation gifts.

All you need is some container (jar, tin, plant pot, mug or anything else you may think of), pebbles (for drainage and decoration), soil, baby succulents (you can propagate succulents on your own from leaves and cuttings) and couple additional items such as: animals, fences, sigh posts… the possibilities are endless. You can make a garden creatures yourself from polymer claySugru or get ready resin figurines. Aquarium gravel or shells work great as a topping.

homemade fairy garden


  • container (planter, plant pot cover, tin, preserving jar, tea cup, bowl, ramekin dish, tea light holder etc.)
  • cacti soil (or plain soil mixed with sand)
  • baby succulents
  • pebbles (to be placed on the bottom of the container) – for drainage
  • decorative pebbles, shells, glass nuggets, aquarium gravel etc. – for topping
  • garden creatures (ready bought or handmade)
  • larger stones (to glue the creatures or other elements on)
  • fairy garden supplies such as sign posts (or plant labels), fences, benches, keys (to the secret garden) etc.
  • clear contact glue (to stick elements to the stones if necessary)

diy fairy garden for kids

fairy garden supplies



  1. Cover bottom of the container with pebbles, for drainage.
  2. Top with soil, best cacti soil or mixture of regular soil with sand.
  3. Plant the baby succulents.
  4. Add decorations. (Sign posts and little creatures may be more secure when stack (using clear contact glue) to the pebbles than standing on their own in the soil. If you are shaping your own creatures from Sugru or polymer clay you may stick them straight away to the stones while making them.)
  5. To finish off, optionally top soil with decorative pebbles, aquarium gravel, shells or glass nuggets.

diy fairy garden accessories

tea light holder succulent garden with yellow Sugru creature and pieces of sea shells

how to build a fairy garden

garden in a planter with a sign post, frog on a stone and key to the secret garden

miniature garden ideas

cat garden in a quilted crystal jar from Ball

diy fairy garden ideas

handmade miniature creatures made out of Sugru

miniature garden ideas for kids Totoro garden

Totoro garden with mini fence and white aquarium gravel


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