DIY Personalized Pillowcases with Crochet Chain

[inspired by Simple Crochet from Sara Sinaguglia]

diy crochet name personalized pillowcase


  • plain pillowcase
  • yarn (chunky, in contrasting colour to the pillowcase)
  • thread (same colour as the yarn)

step by step how make personalized pillowcase


  • crochet hook (I used 4 mm one)
  • needle
  • berry pins


  1. First make a long crochet chain, do not end it…
  2. Shape from the chain required name and connect it to the pillowcase with pins, add more chain stitches or remove some if needed and then end the chain.
  3. Use single thread to attach the name onto the pillowcase, sew in the middle of the chain.
  4. And voilà, 30 – 45 minutes later your personalized pillowcase is ready.


Personalized pillowcases or other textiles are a very good gift for any occasion… just use completed item to wrap a box of chocolates inside (no wrapping paper required) like we did for the Mikołajki yesterday.

easy DIY gift idea

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