Devil’s Dyke at South Downs National Park

South Downs National Park

Devil’s Dyke is located on the outskirts of Brighton and is one of the busies places in the South Downs National Park, it is great for hiking, riding bicycle, sky gliding or picnics.

On the top of the Devil’s Dyke hill there is Devils Dyke Hotel with pub and dining facilities.

Devils Dyke postcode and address to the Devil's Dyke Hotel pub restaurant

It can be easily accessed by the Brighton & Hove open roof (most of the time) bus #77 that travel from Brighton’s Pier to the Devil’s Dyke Hotel every half on hour over the Summer months.  The bus stops couple of times in the city centre and then along the Dyke Road.

Devils Dyke Brighton Sussex South Downs

Why the Devil’s Dyke?

The legend of Devil’s Dyke and how the valley was created says that devil got angry because there were too many churches and he tried to drown everyone by digging a trench all the way from Downs to the sea… but he failed.

bike ride at Devil's Dyke South Downs

It says also that the devil and his missus are buried in the Devil’s Dyke where the two humps are visible in the distance on the left-hand side while standing back to the hotel.

hang gliding in Devil's Dyke

Except for the unusual stories Devil’s Dyke has interesting history as well…

sky gliding with sea view in the Devil's Dyke

Britain’s first cable car was located in the Devil’s Dyke, it’s reminders in a form of concrete pylons are still visible in some parts of the hill.

Devil's Dyke South Downs National Park and other things to do in Brighton

Devil’s Dyke is also the longest, the deepest and the widest dry valley in the UK and was created in the last glacial period.

Devil's Dyke hike trails hiking in the Downs

What I personally found very interesting were remains of the bicycle railway near the Devils Dyke hotel.

panoramic view of Devil's Dyke in Poynings Brighton Dyke Road

In the Iron Age (over 2,000 years ago) settlers farmed Devil’s Dyke, below you can see ruins of their fort.

remains of the Devil's Dyke castle

Devils Dyke Hotel
Dyke Road
Brighton, BN1 8YJ


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