Coconut & Tomato Rice with Coriander


2 cups easy cook rice (I used brown one)
5 cups water
100g tomato paste (about ½ cup)
100g creamed coconut (½ bar)
sea salt to taste
250g black eye beans (previously cooked)
½ bunch of fresh coriander / cilantro (chopped)


Cook beans in plenty of water, once ready leave aside. Those beans cook quite fast and don’t require soaking overnight but they cook a little bit longer than rice so it is good to cook them earlier or day before. I usually cook the whole 500g package and then have it for two days.

Place rice, creamed coconut, tomato paste and water in a pot and cook covered stirring occasionally. Once rice is ready stir in beans, season to taste with salt, share to the plates and sprinkle generously with fresh coriander.

Serve as a side dish with some stir fried veggies and / or roasted chicken.

Serve 5-6 people.

Your thoughts…

  1. So much flavour & yet so simple…just beautiful Margot!

  2. Gr8 recipe to put together on those nights when you need that wholesome meal but dont have the energy to cook :)
    Love the flavours.

  3. Very Caribbean with the black eyed peas and coconut. The addition of the tomato is a nice idea.

  4. Reminds me of Jamaican rice and peas….LOVE it!

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