Clay Tree Stump – DIY Hamster’s Water Bottle Stand

hamster bottle holder shaped like old tree


  • red clay
  • cling film (to wrap the bottle)
  • transparent glaze

DIY hamster water bottle holder


  • clay tools (I used my daughter’s play dough tools instead.)
  • brush
  • pottery kiln (Unfortunately I don’t own one, I fired this stand at the art class I attend.)

free standing hamster bottle holder


  1. Wrap the hamster’s bottle in cling film so it would not get dirty when forming the holder.
  2. Shape the tree stump fitting the bottle inside. Make sure that the bottle can go easily in and out, is steady and at the right angle.
  3. Remove the bottle, add texture and details to the stump.
  4. Let the clay dry a little and then add finishing touches to smooth the stand, even little of not removed clay dust  after glazing and firing can turn into sharp, dangerous for hamster surface.
  5. Bisque fire the stump, then glaze and fire it again.

drop in hamster water bottle holder


Have in mind that clay will most probably shrink a little (about 10%) during the whole process, so the holes may turn bigger.

My holder did not come out completely perfect and the bottle was rocking a bit so I slipped under a piece of tissue paper.

I started making also sand bathtub for the hamster so stay tuned, it has been bisque fired already. Now I need to glaze it and fire one more time…

terracotta kiln oven clay

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