Hamster’s Terracotta Clay Sand Bathtub Project

DIY sand bath for the hamster


  • red clay / terracotta clay
  • transparent glaze

hamster bath container

hamster sand bath box

DIY hamster sand bath

sand bath for hamsters

terracotta kiln oven clay

Almost finished bathtub, waiting to be fired together with water bottle holder.

sand bathtub for hamster

Bisque fired bathtub, ready to be glazed.

hamster playground in a box

Finished, glazed terracotta clay sand bathtub filled with sand and a happy hamster inside the playground.

terracotta clay sand bathtub


I made the steps thinking it will be easier for Toffy (the hamster) to get in and out but he does not use them too often, instead he just hop in.

If I would be making this bathtub again I would make it a bit deeper.

I made it during art workshops I attend.

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Your thoughts…

  1. colleen cota says:

    Do you have to fire it? I want to make one for my son’s hamster and I would get the clay from Michaels is that okay to use?

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