Chocolate Bark with Leftover Sweets

If you have any leftover from Christmas sweets, jellies, biscuits, pretzels, marshmallows, nuts and chocolate here is an idea how to turn them into something completely new…

Over the holidays we were making cookie gingerbread houses, I got also a bit too many chocolates for the Xmas stockings. We had plenty half used candy packages in the house so decided to make something out of them rather than just eat the sweets. My girls really enjoyed the process of melting the chocolate and then creating their very own chocolate bark. We will definitely be repeating this after next holidays.

easy chocolate bark recipe


  • leftover chocolate
  • candies, jellies, marshmallows, pretzels, biscuits, nuts, dried fruits or anything else you may think of

leftover chocolate recipe


  • tray lined with baking paper
  • metal bowl (or Pyrex) and pot to use as double boiler

leftover sweets recipe


  1. Melt all of the chocolate pieces using double boiler.
  2. Pour it onto the tray lined with baking paper.
  3. Top with sweets and place in the fridge to set.
  4. Once the chocolate is hard, break or cut it into pieces and enjoy.

300 g of chocolate will make about A4 size piece of bark. 

way to use leftover candy


Chocolate bark with seasonal (themed) candy makes great edible gift or bake sale item. All you need is some cellophane bags and pieces of ribbon.


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I’m submitting this recipe to Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary No Waste Food Challenge.

no waste food recipes


Your thoughts…

  1. We don’t actually get too sweets at Christmas but I need to remember this for Halloween when the house is full of sweets!

  2. This would be great for any occasion Ness. We will probably make something similar after Halloween as well :)

  3. This is such a great use for leftover sweets! They’d make such a great Valentine’s gift idea too. Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge – it’s always a pleasure to have you on board! :)

  4. Thank you Elizabeth. Yes, you are right, addition of some heart shaped jellies or sprinkles would make it great Valentine’s Day gift :)

  5. Gah, that looks absolutely amazing!! I really love chocolate like this with marshmallows in it, it tastes so good!! :) xx

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