Brighton Festival Children’s Parade 2015

Brighton Children’s Parade is an annual event and it marks opening of the Brighton Festival.

24 black birds in a pie

In 2014 Children’s Parade theme was “The Arts” while this year’s theme was “Taking Flight” with separation for Birds, Bug Bees and Bats, Mechanical Flight and Flights of Fancy.

DIY blackbird outfits

Our school was dressed as Blackbirds (in a pie) from the “Sing a Song of Sixpence” – English nursery rhyme originating in the 18th century.

little photographer with Nikon D50 camera

The weather wasn’t ideal but at least it was not raining and my girls had lots of fun.

Marine Drive Children's Parade Brighton

I haven’t taken many pictures this year as I was walking with my 4 year old most of the time but I managed to take couple of shots, some on the phone…

Brighton events Children's Parade Brighton Festival

flamingo Brighton Festival parade

peace dove childrens parade

Children, teachers and some parents worked really hard on the outfits and props, therefore it was double sad to see that Gap decided to take over children parade (knowing kids will never refuse a balloon) and contaminated our photos with their logo balloons. It supposed to be all about children and their hard worked on costumes, not branding…

childrens parade swan

This very poor marketing trick to get free advertising on cost of the children, made me and other parents really upset with the brand especially that even parade’s organizers and official sponsors did wait until the finishing line with the leaflets and goodies (SameSky, Class of Their Own, Riverford Organic Farms).

Brighton Children's Parade and GAP balloons


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Pattern for the crochet capes I made for my girls will be soon available on the blog.

Your thoughts…

  1. What fun! It looked brilliant Margot. Love the shawls as wings, will remember that, it could well come in handy.

  2. Love the blackbird costumes and all the bird models. Shame on Gap, that official sponsors showed respect and they invaded the day with their branding. I hope parents get the story out there and their cheeky tactics backfire with a local slump in sales!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Love those costumes!

  4. What a fun day – great costumes!

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