BIGOS UK – Association of Polish Bloggers Living in the UK

I’m happy to announce that together with Sylwia, we have reactivated BIGOS UK – The Association of Polish Bloggers Living in the UK and that we are on a lookout for new members to join us. We are after not only Polish bloggers living in the UK but also all Polish bloggers living in other places abroad and expat bloggers (from all over the globe) living in Poland or simply any bloggers that have some kind of connection to Poland or are interested in Polish culture and want to help us promote it. We need you all!

If you think you could benefit from being a member or want to spread the word about our project, head to the BIGOS UK website and let us know your thoughts.

You can also follow BIGOS UK on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We will have members only FB group and shared Pinterest board to promote each other’s articles.

BIGOS UK Polish community

A little bit more about BIGOS UK

“BIGOS UK was born out of many ideas and attempts to create an on-line space and off-line community of bloggers who share similar values (check out our Manifesto), have something to do with Polish heritage and culture and happen to live in the UK. Combining all those factors results in a very interesting mixture: each and every person relating themselves to Poland yet living in the UK has their own approach to their national heritage and the multiculturalism of the Islands. There are many generations of Polish citizens moving, travelling or temporarily working here. Small elements of Polish cuisine, culture or customs can be found all around us but very often due to the language barrier or simply lack of time, might be overseen. And vice versa – many Polish residents in the UK become so busy with their daily life that their process of integration is simply not a priority. On-line however all those worlds combine into a brilliant mixture of blogs and social conversations which we think is a good place to start!”

Polish folk pattern mandala

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