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Lunchbox # 116 – Love Bugs

Posted on: 18th Jan 2012

packed lunch with heart English muffin

Lunchbox # 116 (for 6 year old girl)

  • toasted English muffin (type of bread roll) with mature Cheddar cheese and heart made out of sweet red pointed pepper – instructions below
  • vine cherry tomatoes
  • pieces of clementine
  • chocolate love bugs
  • lychees
  • bottle of water (not pictured)

bread roll with heart shaped design

Everything placed in glittery EZ-Freeze lunchbox with a freezable lid and placed inside insulated Charlie & Lola lunch bag.

To make bread roll with a heart centre:

  1. cut English muffin in half, toast it if necessary,
  2. in the top part cut out heart shape with a cookie cutter,
  3. using the same cutter make heart out of sweet pointed pepper or cheese,
  4. place heart in the hole on the bread.

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  1. Too cute!!  And I remember my mom giving us those chocolate ladybugs… :)

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