7 Food Facts (meme)

Hi Everyone,

I have been tagged by David Hall from great food blog called: “Book The Cook” .
He posted 7 food facts about himself. Now is my turn.
And I would like to tag Scott from “Real Epicurean”, Amelita from “Squishyness” and Freya from “Writing At The Kitchen Table”.

7 Food Facts

1. For many years I thought that black dots in banana were seeds :)

2. I was vegetarian for many years. Started hating meat when I was a child after my parents cooked my rabbit for dinner during State of War in Poland. I know that times were very hard, but that was wrong… very wrong.

3. When first saw coconut in the Caribbean (during my work on the cruise ship) I was surprised it was green, I thought they grow on the trees the way they sell them in the shop, in hairy brown shells.

4. Oranges reminds me of Christmas in communist Poland as it was the only time we could get them… (in Christmas gifts).

5. As a child I hated spinach, my mother was preparing it as some watery tasteless thing.

6. When I came to UK 3 years ago I has no idea about cooking… my boyfriend was not able to eat my dinners, they were really disgusting. I start cooking when I got pregnant, I had cravings for different foods and that is when I start cooking more…. but seriously only when I start this blog in March 2007.

7. I still remember taste of my first Mars bar brought by someone from Germany, after all those years of chocolate like candies (that tasted like chocolate flavoured soap) during the communism.

Your thoughts…

  1. At last! About time too. I can understand how hard it must have been in your younger years in Poland, but I can’t understand why you hate rabbit – I love it!

    Nice 7 facts anyway. I’ve got a chicken in and will be doing your paprika chicken on Sunday! Will report back.

    David x

  2. Fascinating life you have had as a child. It is interesting how food as a child affects you as an adult. Thank you for the tag and I will comply with instructions shortly. Cheers Amelita XoxoxoxoX

  3. Loved your 7 things…both times…girl, cooking your rabbit was more than WRONG! We had 3 growing up in Miami but I would have been a damaged woman had my parents ever did that. However, in Communist Cuba, since ALL food is still rationed, my mother did tell me of how my grandmother took her annoying neighbor’s cat and cooked it. I was utterly disgusted. I think that’s why I don’t like cats. I felt so bad, I just would rather not deal wit them :)
    And hey, welcome to the world of cooking! I didn’t realize it was so recent ago.

    Thanks for playing. B-

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