Tried & Tested Products – The Round-up (January 2015)

January is all about new, healthier lifestyle habits, de-cluttering, getting ready for the Red Nose Day and Valentine’s and so is this month’s round-up of Tried & Tested.

Charlie Bigham's pies oven baked dishes stir fry dishes

If you are looking for impressive stay at home meal for you and your loved one look no further. Choose the wine, find some romantic movie, prepare salad or dessert if you have to, but let Charlie do the cooking ;)

Charlie Bigham’s dishes & pies (£6.49 – £8.00 per 2 servings at Waitrose) taste like home made dishes and there is a lot varieties to choose from. In this range you will find anything from non so simple Macaroni Cheese with Crispy Pancetta, through Tikka Masala & Pelau Rice to heavenly Chicken & Mushroom or Steak & Ale Pies in real ceramic ramekin dishes that you can later reuse or give away to the charity shop. Those are ready meals but not in plastic containers to pop into microwave, you have to reheat them in the oven like real food and they do taste great! Another good thing about Charlie Bigham’s dishes is the fact that both pies and bakes take exactly 30 minutes to be ready so you can mix and match and prepare them in one go in the oven.

steam generator steam iron

AEG Steam Generator (£73.99) – this iron is a joy in use: light, smooth and generates a ton of steam when needed. I’ve even used it upright to successfully straighten out clothing on a hanger, great when you in a rush or are not fan of ironing, as myself.

Rated at 2300 w this is a significant improvement in efficiency over my previous steam iron (2600 w) especially when you factor in how quickly it gets up to working temperature and how much less time it takes to complete your ironing.

Weetabix strawberry flavour for the Comic Relief Red Nose Day

Strawberries and milk are perfect match, everyone knows that. Weetabix Special Edition in Strawberry Flavour (£2.00 per 24 pack) taste fabulous and my girls, who were not big fans of Weetabix, now love it!

To make things even better this is Red Nose Day edition and 5 p from each pack will be donated to the Comic Relief. Additionally each pack contain a code for a chance to win great prizes as a part of “Pick Your Nose” promotion.

pressels pretzels miniature NY bagels like chips

Pressels (RRP £1.99 / 175 g) from Dream Pretzels look like miniature bagels not without a reason, they are actually inspired by NY bagel flavours. Pressels are thin, crispy and make great alternative to regular crisps, especially that they are baked, with 90% less fat than regular chips, with no additives, no MSG, trans fats, no colours, artificial favours, preservatives or GMOs.

In UK Presseles are available in Waitrose in 3 flavours: EVERYTHING – coated with black garlic, black caraway, sesame and onion; SESAME – coated with the finest sesame seeds and ORIGINAL – coasted with sea salt granules.

Fibre Primvital Blonnik Witalny detox Babka płesznik babka śródziemnomorska Plantago psyllium L.

Fibre Primvital from Mapa Zdrowia (£29.99 / 1 month supply) is 100% natural detox supplement made out of live Plantago psyllium seeds and Plantago ovata seed husks, nothing else. I know properties of this plant, callaed “babka płesznik” in Poland, since I was a child as my granny used talk about it. After being diagnosed with allergies I have decided it is time to start healthier life and testing Fibre Pirmvital is a part of this journey.

Fibre Primvital tastes much better than other detoxing products I have tried so far. It have actually quite pleasant scent of herbs and once combined with lukewarm water creates easy to swallow jellied liquid full of seeds, with no after-taste. It is strange thing to say but I rally like it. If it works time will tell but I’m definitely willing to continue using it.

Zyliss mini food chopper similar to slap chop

Zyliss Mini Food Chopper (£13.99) does great job chopping little, dry things such as nuts, chocolate etc. or even herbs. The grey lid can stay on and later the chopper can be opened with the clear part still attached so it works like a container. I really like it for this reason as chopping dark chocolate on a chopping board or trying to chop evenly running away nuts was always my nightmare (!) It can be also used without the lid on the chopping board for bigger items… chillies, onion etc. In both cases it worked really well.

The chopper opens very easy and can be washed within seconds, even washing within the blades is relatively straightforward.

Thomas Cup°cino & Cup°lino kitchenware

Cup°cino (£19.09 set of 2) – those are very useful, versatile kitchenware items, they make perfect muffin cases, cappuccino cups or even salad or ice cream bowls. The whole range is oven, microwave and dishwasher proof, great for any occasion and you can save a lot of space in your cupboards having those…

Cup°cino have also little sister Cup°lino (smaller cup on the above picture) to be used as espresso cups, for baking mini cupcakes or as a sauce, dip or aperitif dishes.


The next Tried & Tested will be posted on the 28th of February, stay tuned.

DISCLOSURE: This post contain some affiliated links. All of the products, except for Cup°cino & Cup°lino cups which I purchased myself, has been sent to me for review purposes. I have received the Zyliss Mini Food Chopper and AEG Steam Generator as a part of Amazon Vine™ Programme and you can find parts of  those reviews on Amazon website as well. I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own and I retained full editorial control.
Photos of  Zyliss chopper and AEG steam generator  – courtesy of

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  1. Some interesting items there. I have yet to open my pressels, need to give those a try. Love those cupcinos at the end, very stylish.

  2. I am going to have to try some of those pretzels. Pretzels are my favourite snack!

  3. Lovely roundup. Those everything-flavoured pretzels sound great!

  4. Yeah, interesting thoughts. I have already tried Fibre Primvital, but since now I ordered from Poland. So u say, it’s available in GB? Great! It’s the best detox program on the market.

  5. I have a similar chopping tool to the one pictured and I wouldn’t be without it. As you say, it takes all the fuss out of chopping nuts, as well as garlic, chocolate etc etc.

  6. Ooh I do like the sound of those Pressels! And the cupolinos have given me prop envy ;)

  7. What a fabulous array of products – I particularly like the look of those Pretzels which I’ve not seen before!

  8. I am interested the Fibre Primvital how can I order that product?

  9. Hi Jacky, just follow the link to the producer website, you can order it directly from them.

  10. Great round-up! We have had some Charlie Bigham’s dishes in the past and they have all been really nice. I’ll definitely by some Strawberry Weetabix for the boys, they will love it :-) Thank you for sharing.

  11. geeta Bissoondoyal says:

    Where can I get Primvital in Mauritius

  12. Hello! Just wondering if you continued to use the Fibre Primvital seeds and whether you would recommend them for cleansing? Thanks

  13. Geeta, please follow the link to the Fibre Primvital website and get in touch with them, they will be able to let you know if they ship to Mauritius.

    Jessica – Yes, I totally recommend it and I will be definitely using it in future. It is good to detox twice a year for best results.

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  15. ATIM JUDITH says:

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  20. For all the queries regarding Fibre Primvital, please click through to the producer website to order the product or contact them via email –

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