Traditional Granny Square – Crochet Pattern

double crochet granny square


  • yarn


  • crochet hook (I used 4.00 mm one)

how to crochet granny square


stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (sl)


Start with 6 ch, connect ends of the chain with sl to create a circle.

granny square how to tutorial


  • Work 3 ch as 1 dc and then work 2 more dc into the ring to create 3 double crochet stitches.
  • Work 2 ch skipping the foundation, it will create the drop shaped corner.
  • Work again 3 dc into the foundation ring.
  • And again work 2 ch skipping the foundation to create second corner.
  •  Once you have 4 sets of 3 dc create last corner with 2 ch.
  • Connect into the third chain of the first stitch with sl to close the round, cut off the yarn.


  • To start the new round tie yarn onto the hook and work again 3 ch as 1 dc and 2 more dc into one of the corners, 2 ch and again 3 dc into the same corner.
  • Make 1 extra ch in between and start again with 3 dc, 2 ch 3 dc into another corner.


  • In this round work the corners the same way like in the previous row.
  • On the sides of the square make 1 ch spaces between sets of 3 dc.
  • Make as many rounds as you need to achieve required size of the square.


I used this granny square pattern to make Easter basket liner.

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