New Toys – Hamster TV & Hamster See-Saw

hamster television toy

I always wanted to get one of those hamster TVs and finally I’ve found one in Wilko (Wilkinson) – £2.49. Making our hamster Toffy to pose inside the TV wasn’t an easy task…

hamster inside the TV

I will have to try one more time, when he is less grumpy… I shouldn’t have waken him up for the photos shot ;)

I noticed that he tried to gnaw on the antennas already so definitely we won’t be leaving this toy in the playground with him unsupervised.

see saw for hamster seesaw hamster tube

We got as well see-saw which he loves and keeps running back and forth inside, also from Wilko – £2.99.

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DISCLOSURE: I purchased all of the items myself. I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi, My daughter and I love your Toffy
    Kingdom. We are trying to achieve the same, but wondered whether your hamster got too big for the tubes?

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