Sulphur Soap for Healthy, Smooth Skin

Hello everyone,

Just a short explanation to all readers that may be surpised seehing soap bar on the food blog ;)

I decided to start series of not only food related posts from time to time… I will be posting about every day things I find useful, products I discovered and I think it is worthy to share the knowledge about, tips and tricks to save time, stay healthy, keep fit. In upcoming weeks I will be writing about how to cook, eat and lose weight at the same time… I plan also to compare similar products from different brands and write “how to” tutorials on craft projects to do with children. Please let me know what do you think about this idea.

But going back to sulphur soap…

I tried many different toners, creams, ointments… but nothing had better effect on my skin than sulphur soap. It does not only clear the skin but also give it a mat finish ;)

First I used Polish sulphur soap Siarkowe, that was very good but unfortunately unavailable here in UK. Then I found this great sulphur soap from Harrogate company. There are also other sulphur soaps available on the market, for instance Dead Sea sulphur soap.

Sulphur is nature’s beauty mineral that helps promote a healthy, smooth skin. It is perfect for oily, acne and problematic skin, after only a week you will see the difference. For the best result few times a week use facial brush.

If you buying plastic facial brush make sure it is very soft, wooden brushes with natural bristles will be hard in touch at first but after half a minute under hot water they are getting softer. Just apply soap to the brush and wash your face with circular movements. You may not be able to use brush more than few times a week, depends how sensitive your skin is. Personally I use brush 2-3 times a week, and the rest of the time I wash face with soaped hands (2-3 times a day) using sulphur soap of course.

The only minus of all sulphur soaps is that they don’t smell too good… but the scent goes away after couple of minutes or applying nicely fragranced cream or body lotion ;)

  • Please note that I’m writing from my experience, I don’t have medical background so you may want to consult your doctor first.
  • Take off your silver jewelry when using sulphur products as they will turn black. If it happen you may need to clean it with toothpaste or even better toothpowder.

Your thoughts…

  1. I use a plastic facial brush once in a month. Thanks for sharing this, Margot.

    re: your comment in my post, somehow I could relate that it was you ;)

  2. This is a nice soap. I don’t know if it is available in Canada.

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