Red Kidney Beans Salad with Sweet Corn and Cilantro


½ iceberg lettuce (teared or chopped)
3 tomatoes (cubed)
½ English cucumber (cubed)
2 handfuls of freshly chopped coriander / cilantro
400g tin of sweet corn (drained)
400g tin of red kidney beans (drained)
some mature cheddar (shredded)
4 tbs mayonnaise, natural yogurt or soured cream
black peppercorns
sea salt
Dijon mustard
crunchy bread to serve


Combine all vegetables together, season with freshly ground pepper, salt, mustard, cilantro, cheese and mayonnaise, yogurt or soured cream, or mixture of any of those.
Serve chilled with fresh bread.

Serve 4 people.

Your thoughts…

  1. This is a really wonderful wholesome salade. Love the colours too.

  2. Looks like a good, healthy lunch. I like the picture.

  3. I love kidney beans. They remind me of the traditional ice cream sold by street vendors in Sumatra. I love them poured with cooked coconut milk. Your salad looks colourful with addition kidney beans, I am sure there is taste taking off to another level.

  4. This realy is a wonderful salad and a new way for me with kidney beans which I love :D A sure winner here!

    Rosie x

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