Polymer Clay Miniatures For The Dolls’ House

I made all of those miniature sweets, fruits and other creations a while ago for my daughter’s doll house. All of them are made in 1:12 (1/12th) scale from polymer clay.

If only time will allow me I plan to do some more crafts with my daughter… and if they will be worth sharing I will post them under crafts category.

modeling clay dollhouse accessories miniature fruits 1/12th scale

miniature fruits

dolls house fruits in a basket 1:12 scale handmade from polymer clay

miniature fruits & plates

easy diy doll house miniatures

miniature fruit & plate

1:12 scale miniature cupcakes

cupcakes with swirly icing

DIY fimo food for the dollhouse

miniature layer cake

dolls house cake made from polymer clay

Jungle in My Pocket animals enjoying the cake

dolls house layer cake with sugar roses

close up of the cake

polymer clay sweets

miniature ice cream cones, cookies & cupcakes

polymer clay dolls house accessories

miniature flower pot

dolls house cookie jar

lip balm cover cookie jar with fimo lid & cookies sprinkled with glass seed beads

cookie jar for the dolls house

closed cookie jar

dolls house plant pot flower pot with roses

close up of the flower pot

dollhouse crockery

miniature plates and cake

Your thoughts…

  1. I would love to make those for my girls–please post tutorials!

  2. can’t wait to see more crafts from your blog ;)

  3. What a lucky daughter you have to receive these beautiful crafts for her dolls house. They really are gorgeous :D

    Rosie x

  4. Oh my word! Those are beautiful!

  5. they look so cute margot… you’re an artist!

  6. How talented you are! I don’t think so, I can do what you have done here… so cuteee

  7. Teensypepper says:

    i love these polymer creations!! polymer is the best material for….everything!!! i make doll houses and never even thought of useing my polymer to create for them, thanks for the inspiration:)

    1. You are vry welcome Teensypepper!

  8. Mememccorkle says:

    Beautiful! You are so talented.

  9. Wanessa Moore says:

    This post was featured on truecharismacrafts.blogspot.com

    Check it out!

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