Chicken with Szechuen Pepper and Chilli Flakes


10 chicken drumsticks, thighs or breasts
3 tbs Carotino oil
3 onions (cut into wedges)
whole garlic head (peeled)
2 tsp Szechuen pepper (toasted and crushed with mortar and pestle)
½-1 tsp crushed chillis / chilli flakes
3 small Maggi cubes (4g each)
2-2½ cups of water
2-3 sweet pointed peppers – red, yellow or orange (deseeded and sliced)


mortar and pestle
non-stick pot with cover


Place onions, garlic, chicken and oil in a pot and fry for a while until onions turn golden brown. Then add water, half of the Szechuen pepper, chilli flakes, Maggi cubes and cook covered until chicken is ready. Uncover the pot, add the rest of Szechuen pepper and sweet pointed peppers. Cook couple of minutes more until peppers are soft and gravy thick to your liking.

Serve with rice or mashed potatoes on a side.

Serve 5 people.

Your thoughts…

  1. I love the colors in this dish, Margot. And it must taste wonderfully spicy.

  2. I love szechuan peppercorns. And I’ve never heard of carotino oil. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  3. What a good use of the Szechuen peppers, looks like a delicious warming dish.

  4. Great pic Margot. How are u feeling as of late!?!

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