Photo Quiz # 8 – Prize: Pair of Eurostar Tickets London-Lille (CLOSED)

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This quiz is a little different from previous photo quizes… so please read carefully.

A while ago I was writing about trip to Lille, beautiful town… somewhere in Europe. Eurostar is running at the moment Little Break, Big Difference campaign which I was lucky to try out myself. Within less than 24 hours I got a chance not only to visit different city, different country but also relax, have time for a walk, taste delicious foods, learn how to cook and prepare Ch’tiramisu and still come back to London before my children fallen asleep. If you are reading this blog regularly you did probably read my post about this trip, if not you can find it few posts back.

For the chance to win pair of return Leisure Select tickets: London-Lille leave a comment under this post by 26th of September, midnight, UK time answering in which country is Lille plus write a few words about how a Little Break would make a Big Difference to you?

Sponsors of this quiz will select 5 the most brilliant answers from which final winner will be selected.

Good luck Everyone!! ;)

  • You must be able to make your own way to St. Pancras Eurostar terminal in London.
  • Tickets are valid until 31st of October.
  • I will announce the winner within 3 days from the time quiz is over.
  • Please make sure that you provide me with correct contact details. If I won’t get reply within a week another winner will be randomly  selected.
  • Only 1 entry per person is allowed.
  • Sponsor of the prize: Eurostar.

Your thoughts…

  1. A long weekend of French wine, cheese, beer and waffles. And all by rail from central London.. What could possibly be better therapy?

  2. Sounds lovely!

  3. As Lille is in France, a short break would mean a lovely few days in France with French food, wine, and conversation. A steak with French fries would go down a treat right now…and the Big Difference? A different country but within three hours of London by train.

  4. Claire Martin says:


    It would mean an inspiration trip for me that I couldn’t otherwise afford. I am trying to set up my first business, a creative consultancy and it would be amazing to visit Paris for fashion week, to visit the Collete store and some galleries. It is also my birthday in October.

  5. Lille is of course in France. ;-), north part of it, near Belgium border….charmig place with great architecture.
    A little Break – a Big Difference – Surrounded by all known and famous places here in London – enjoying them from time to time, what can be better than… looking for it from a longer distance? miss it for little while, make a break that quicly takes you somewhere away, where u can experience, taste, different views, people, food. Just have a break , little one – that makes a difference. Feeling nice leaving … and coming back – happy with something more. ;-)

  6. If the tickets were the other way around (france-UK), I’d join ;)

    Now it’d just be silly as Lille is only 3 hours away from me.. hehe..

    greetings from the netherlands!

  7. Lille is in France!

    My camera is desperate for some new sights, and I am longing for some new tastes – Lille would be the perfect place to explore and enjoy something different.

  8. Lille is in France. :) I have never been to France & would love to travel & explore over there. I bake as a hobby & would love to try out all the different & exotic pastries France has to offer. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them. My cousin travelled there & bought pastries to bring back to me in the States but someone stole them on the train!!! I still have not had the pleasure to try them yet but this would be an awesome opportunity for me to try it out first hand! Thanks. :)

  9. Lille is in France!

    Since the start of the year, I’ve suffered a major illness, a bereavement, been made redundant, graduated university and moved house! There’s been plenty of ups and downs and I’ve spent most of this year pretty stressed out and longing to escape, even if just for a short time.

    A few years ago, when Eurostar started promoting tickets to Lille, a close friend and I planned to go. We spent ages researching hotels, checking train times, I think we even bought a guide book! Some how though, the trip never quite happened.

    Last month, I got a call from my friend’s mother; she’d been rushed to hospital for emergency surgery after suffering complications from treatment she was having for a slipped disc. She’s recovering well now, but has had a rather painful month and deserves a treat!

    I’d love to win these tickets so that we could finally make our trip to Lille, and just spend the day relaxing!

  10. Just digging around for articles on travel to Lille and happened upon this competition. Just a little too late. Seems this competition is on most of the reputable lille travel blogs. I was hoping to get over to Lille this football season to take in some French league football (seeing as UK club games close to me are always sold out) and follow up with a cultural exploration with a nice bit of grub and museum visit perhaps the next day. I found a deal with Short Breaks Ltd, Eurostar to Lille from £115pp. That includes train from London plus 1 night hotel on bed and breakfast basis. So I will be researching on French restaurant guides/blogs now before planning the trip.

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