Reducing Food Waste with NLWA – North London Waste Authority & Love Food Hate Waste

how much pasta per serving

pasta measuring tool

A while ago together with girls from recycled art class I got a chance to listen to eye-opening talk by Toby of NLWA – North London Waste Authority about Love Food Hate Waste project that make me realize how much things and food we actually waste in our household.

Leftover food does not really get wasted in our house as there is always someone willing to eat it next day for lunch but we do eat too much pasta and rice so those measuring tools come very handy.

how much rice per serving

rice measuring cup

There is many ways of reducing food waste, one of them is simply placing certain fruit & veg in a cool place, such as apples, they can stay fresher for longer in the fridge rather than in a fruit bowl (something I definitely have to start doing).

Another way is to freeze veggies that are not going to be used before expiry date.

I often chop and freeze vegetables that I know that won’t get used soon, such as green peppers for scrambled eggs, carrots, parsnips and leeks for the soup. Freezing herbs is also great way of keeping them fresh.

Personally I freeze also yoghurts, frozen mini pots and tubes are perfect for luchboxes, they keep lunch food cold and defrost just on time for the lunch break.

I like to drink tea but not very strong so I usually re-use the same tea bag for the whole day.

Love Food Hate Waste Wise Up To Waste projects

Household waste can be reduced by reusing items before recycling them finally.

Many plastic and glass containers can be turned into all kinds of boxes, newspapers can have second life as coasters and baskets, printed papers can be re-used for scribbling on the other side, envelopes can have new address labels attached to be posted again…

I would love to hear your tips and tricks on how to reduce waste, please feel free to leave a comment.

To learn more visit Wise Up To Waste website.

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