Lunchbox # 63 – Steamed Snap Peas & Carrots, Physalis & Peperami

Lunchbox # 63 (for 4 year old girl)

  • two heart shaped sandwiches made of mini bread rolls, butter, mixed baby leaves, turkey ham and cheese
  • physalis fruits
  • plum tomatoes
  • white seedless grapes & cherry, in silicone muffin case
  • snap peas & carrots (steamed), in silicone muffin case with animal shaped mini fork
  • mini Peperami sausage
  • natural strawberry & vanilla tea with a little bit of sugar, in a bottle (not pictured)
  • large paper napkin
  • wipe wrapped in aluminum foil with stickers (not pictured)

This is my entry for my own event: “Wholesome Lunchbox”. If you want to participate, please send link to your entry before 15th of each month.

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  1. I want to be your daughter :-)

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