Low Calorie Recipes & A New Healthy Life

Hello Everyone,

I have added new category to this blog: Low Calorie / Healthy recipes, where I selected some already posted recipes, but I will be adding some more every week.

healthy recipes new life new year resolutions

As you probably noticed recently I’m posting more salads, healthy and low calorie recipes. The reason is that I’m trying to live healthier life and lose some weight as well.

I drink plenty of water, redbush (rooibos) and fruit teas. Instead of decaf coffee I used to drink in the morning I drink warm water with a slice of lemon or mint tea.

I eat also smaller portions, and after dinner at 8.00 pm the only thing I have is an apple or a tea.

I wake up also at 6.30 am to run and exercise.

Since I have started my “new life” I have plenty more energy but there is still long way to go…

So wish me luck and forgive me for posting less fatty recipes…

Your thoughts…

  1. Well of course I am all in favor of this, and I’m currently trying to lose a few pounds myself.

  2. Hi Margot,
    You shouldn’t be apologising. We should be thanking you for putting up healthy recipes that we can all try at home :-)

    Hope that you had a good weekend.

    And you are getting stronger each day!

    x Nora

  3. Margot, count me in for this healthy eating series!


    Oh, and the photo issss beautiful! Great shot of nature! :)

  4. Kalyn, Nora, Anh… thank you soooo much for your support! :)
    By the way, this photo has been taken by my Michael, I thought it would be a good illustration for the post.

  5. wow, what a fantastic photo!

    and well done!

  6. Good luck, Margot – I have been trying to do the same thing and will love to see your low fat recipes!

  7. I think is a wonderful idea Margot, count with me!!! Gloria

  8. Congratulations on the healthy eating! We are trying for the same thing so we’ll have to swap ideas!

  9. Good luck my friend.

  10. I think that all food lovers will welcome recipes that both taste great and won’t put a strain on their waistlines!

    Good luck with your new lifestyle!

  11. Thank you for all those wonderful comments.
    By the way, photo has been taken by my partner Michael, not me, but thank you… I will let him know :)

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