Japanese Kimono Inspired Nail Art Pattern

This pattern can be made with practically any colours as long as there is lighter colour for the line in between two darker colours. I used here light pink nail-art pen for this.

Japanese pattern nails


  • aquamarine blue nail polish for the base
  • light pink / cherry blossom nail art pen (nail polish with thinner brush)
  • red wine / sour cherry nail polish
  • transparent nail polish with glittery bits, I used aqua but silver would be good as well

Japanese kimono design colours


  1. Paint all nails with aquamarine colour for the base.
  2. Then draw light pink scalloped outlines (with 3 bumps each) diagonally across each nail using nail art pen.
  3. Fill the lower areas with 3 strokes of dark pink nail polish.
  4. If necessary correct the outlines with the light pink nail art pen.
  5. Finish with a coat of glittery nail polish.

green pink Japanese kimono pattern


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  1. This is GORGEOUS! Love the colour combination.

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