Indian Rosewood Makeover of “Rast” Chest of Drawers – Ikea Hack

Ikea hack how to stain dye wood


budget chest of drawers DIY wood dying tips


  • rubber gloves (best two pairs as one can tear)
  • old face cloth or some little towel – for rubbing dye into the wood with
  • wide paint brush to varnish

chocolaty brown wood stain wood dye


  1. Pour some of the dye onto the cloth and rub the wood with it following the fibers, allow to dry. (Make sure you are wearing gloves and that the floor is secured with something.)
  2. Repeat as many times as necessary, I’ve done two layers of the stain to achieve this colour.
  3. Allow to dry for couple of hours or even better the whole day in well ventilated space.
  4. Varnish with one coat of indoor wood varnish (I used glossy one).
  5. Let it dry again, best overnight.

how to stain wood tutorial DIY

I have also painted pine frame of our cork board with acrylic paints: brown and navy blue…

cork board acrylic metallic paints

and then rubbed in some metallic paints in red, blue & yellow I had on hand from making seaside box frame the other day.

bedroom makeover brown peacock blue teal plum

To read more click through to Blue Colour Themes for Home article I wrote a while ago.

Your thoughts…

  1. Looks really good… did you have to sand first or was the surface already suitable for applying the stain?

  2. Hi Kavey, no I haven’t, it was completely new chest.

    I used leftover stain to colour my 15 year old mirror box, I did not sand it and it came out patchy but it was planned, I wanted it to look damaged…

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