Girl’s Room Butterfly Paper Lamp Shade – Ikea Hack

[adapted from butterfly garden lanterns by Martha Stewart]

We decorated this lamp shade last Summer together with my 6 year old daughter  but I completely forgot to post it, and only yesterday I found photos on the computer.  Marissa has chosen the colours and I must admit they work quite well giving the room pinkish luminance when the lamp is on.

Ikea REGOLIT lamp shade hack


  • paper lamp shade (I used REGOLIT pendant lamp shade £1.99 / Ikea)
  • 2 – 3 sheets of coloured paper (I used red and pink)
  • craft glue

Ikea paper lampshade


  1. Cut out butterflies from the paper, for the best result / symmetric butterflies bend paper in half to cut them out. You can also use first of the butterfly as a stencil to cut out all the rest.
  2. Then glue middle part of each butterfly and stick them to the lamp shade.
  3. Let it dry for couple of minutes and voilà… your butterfly lamp is ready.


While sticking the butterflies place your hand inside the lamp shade so you can press them firmly without breaking it.

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  2. Cakeboule says:

    Love this!  Anything with butterflies or dragonflies has me interested – what a simple but effective idea.

  3. Thanx, I saw garden lanterns similar to this long time on Martha Stewart website but the post is gone… so I even could not link to it… 

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