Pineapple with Caramel Sauce, Rum & Ice Cream

[inspired by James Martin’s recipe featured on Good Food Channel]


2 ripe but not too soft pineapples (I did cut in four lenghtwise, cored, peeled and sliced but nice round slices of pineapple would look much better)
1-2 tbs Carotino or other neutral oil
about 400g tin of  sweetened condensed milk (I used 387g tin of Carnation milk)
2 tbs soft dark brown sugar
25g unsalted butter
spice rum or Malibu – optional
vanilla ice cream to serve – optional


wok or large frying pan
small saucepan


Fry pineapple pieces on oil stirring occasionally until browned.
In a small sauce pan combine sugar and butter and heat over low fire until melted.
Add also condensed milk and continue heating only until sauce is bubbling, stir well and remove from fire.

If you are using liquor add it to pineapple after removing wok from fire.

Share pineapple to the bowls and pour over caramel sauce, serve immediately, optionally with scoop or two of vanilla ice cream on the side.

Serve 4-8 (depending if served with ice cream on the side or not)

  • If you have any leftover sauce in the pot that got hard after cooling down, just heat it again and add few spoons of boiling water if necessary and it will turn into sauce again.
  • This dessert is very easy, quick and versatile, you can easily share it for children and then add liquor to the rest of pineapple. You can also use this sauce on grilled or roasted pineapple.
  • Any left over sauce you can place in the jar in the fridge, when you want to use it again just place closed jar under running hot water and caramel will turn into sauce again.
Please consume spirits responsibly and don’t exceed recommended safe alcohol unit limits.

Your thoughts…

  1. This looks sooo good! never tried frying a pineapple before, something new, thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, wow, I have to try this! And I think your photo is beautiful anyway, even without lots of time.

  3. margot!!! posted an article about tips on cooking pineapple yesterday on my blog. du check out :) m sure gonna try this one!

  4. WOW this looks gorgeous – I’ve been meaning to try Nigella Lawsons pineapple with chocolate sauce but your dessert goes to the top of my list now to try :D

  5. Really I love pineapple and this look amazing Margot,xGloria

  6. Juicy good Margot.

  7. That looks so so yummy and delicious!!

  8. Lovely. Double rum in mine’s the weekend.

  9. If I wasn’t allergic to Pineapple, I’d eat this off the page. It looks delish

  10. This looks fantastic! I don’t use pineapple nearly enough!

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