DIY Crochet Scooter Basket Tutorial

crochet basket for children's scooter

Santa brought one of my daughters a scooter and she tried to ride it holding toys at the same time… so I decided to make her little basket to keep her stuff. It took me about an hour while we were waiting for the turkey roasting in the oven. The pattern starts the same way like the one for apple cosy but with a bit bigger base and it has extra straps and buttons to connect the basket to the scooter’s handle bar.


  • yarn for 4 mm crochet – UK 8 / US 6
  • 2 buttons
  • round paper or plastic box, we used one from cotton swabs (cut bottom part of the plastic bottle would work fine as well)


  • 4 mm crochet hook

scooter basket for toys


stitches used: chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), half double crochet (hdc), slip stich (sl)

for the basket itself


Start with 6 ch, connect ends of the chain with sl to create a circle.


Work 1 sc 1 ch 1 sc 1 ch etc into the foundation chain.


Work 2 sc 1 ch 2 sc 1 ch etc. and continue like this to the end of the round.


Work 3 sc 1 ch 3 sc 1 ch for the whole round.


Now work 4 sc 1 ch 4 sc 1 ch etc.


This is the last round of the base, work 5 sc 1 ch 5 sc 1 ch for the whole round. You may need to add chain stitch more or less often depending on your yarn and crocheting style, just make sure it is flat. You may also need to make more than 5 rounds to make a base, depending on the box you will be fitting inside.

scooter basket tutorial


Work half double crochet (hdc) for as many rounds as it is needed to cover the box, use is as a guide.


Once the basket is tall enough finish with slip stitch (sl).

finishing touches

You will need to make crochet string, straps and attach the buttons to finish the basket.

basket made out of recycled paper box


  1. To make the straps work 4 sc into the last round of the basket, turn and work 4 sc again and again and again until the straps are long enough to go over the handle bar of the scooter. Have in mind that they will stretch a bit after a while so the tighter the better.
  2. Finish with 6 ch that will create a loop for a button.
  3. Close with sl.
  4. Do the same to create another strap. I made them 6 stitches apart.

scooter crochet basket string


  1. To make a string  work 80 ch, leaving about a meter of yarn on the front (you will need it later to make a circle on the other end).
  2. Once you reach the end connect it with slip stitch (sl) to to the chain 6 stitches back to create a loop.
  3. Work about 9-10 hdc into the inside of the inside of the chain to create little doughnut shaped ring.
  4. Close the ring with sl.
  5. Thread the string into the basket and do another ring on the other end of the chain.
  6. Place the box inside and tie the string into a bow.

easy crochet basket pattern


Attach them about 3 rounds below, directly under the straps.

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