Roasted Pepper & Anchovies Salad


3 medium sweet red bell peppers
250g cherry tomatoes (cut in halves)
120g pitted black olives (sliced)
100g anchovies (chopped)
300g feta cheese with herbs in oil or 150g feta cheese (chopped) plus some olive oil and herbs


container with lid, plastic bag or bowl and a plate


Burn peppers over gas until each side is black. Place in container, cover with lid, let them steam for about 10-15 minutes. Rub of with your hands some burned skin, but not all. Deseed and slice.
Mix all ingredients in large bowl, leave feta to put at the end not to stir it too much.
Season it with oil from feta jar or olive oil and herbs.

Tastes good cold with a slice of toasted bread.

Serves 3-4 people.

  • Place rack over large fire and place peppers on the top, to make roasting easier, turn them around to make sure all sides of peppers are burned.

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  1. That’s an awesome picture of roasted pepper!

  2. Roasted red peppers are one of those foods that are just perfect completely on their own. Nice roasting job!

  3. Saw this on Tastespotting – great photo of the pepper Margot!

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