Indian Spices Biscuits from The East India Company

Indian Spices Biscuits

I would like to share with you my latest discovery: Indian Spices Biscuits from The East India Company.

First let me introduce the company to you: The East India Company has been created in 1600 by The Royal Charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I.  Since that time their ships sailed the seas in search for new ingredients. At one point the company with all theirs ships controlled half of the world trade. Biscuits were the most common staple on board of The East India Company’s ships and the officers returned with ingredients and techniques transforming the basic biscuit with spices, fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate and tea. And still today authentic recipes, finest ingredients and original artisan techniques are used in production process.

Indian Spices

The Indian Spices biscuits itself have intriguing taste: sweet, salty and spicy at the same time with crunchy outside and soft cheesy centre. They are amazing in a very unexpected way and extremely addictive. I tried couple of them while taking those photos and I went to check on baby living the biscuits in the same room with my husband, on my return (less than 10 minutes later) only two little biscuits were left for me… so yes, they are truly delicious.

Searching The East India Company website I found lots of interesting flavour combinations but the White Chocolate Enrobed Cappuccino Beans, Milk Chocolate Enrobed Latte Beans and  Plain Chocolate Enrobed Espresso Beans grabbed my attention immediately… I will definitely check out their store next time I’m in the area.

Their flagship store is located in the heart of London’s Mayfair.

London Store Details

The East India Company
7-8 Conduit Street
London, W1S 2XF

With thanks to Charlotte & Fanny at The East India Company for the complementary sample.

Parts of this article can be found as well on The East India Company website.

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