New Cathedral City Mature Lighter Cheddar

mature Cheddar cheese

Just a short note to let you know that recently Cathedral City came up with new cheese: Mature Lighter Cheddar.

It is a little bit lighter in colour (piece of cheese on the right) but has the same great, deep, strong taste and crumbly texture like original  Cathedral City Mature Cheddar, yet it has 30% less fat, perfect!

I’ve tested it in on one of my sauces: Cheesy Chive Sauce and to my surprise it melts very fast and nicely when many other low fat cheeses don’t.

I have couple of those cheeses in the fridge right now and I will be testing it in different dishes so expect more cheesy recipes in the very near future.

cheese board and cheese samples

With thanks to Rebecca from Haygarth and Cathedral City for the gift card which I used to purchase the cheese.

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