Biały Ser (White Cheese) / Hard Cottage Cheese/ Curd Cheese / Paneer

[inspired by “Paneer” recipe by Linda from With Knife and Fork]

Polish white cheese - ser bialy

Biały Ser (White Cheese), Hard Cottage Cheese, Curd Cheese or Paneer are all variations of the same cheese, the only difference is the origin.

Recently I found this article: “Making Paneer” by Linda on With Knife and Fork which reminded me of the cheese my mum used to make, exactly the same way, back in Poland when I was a child. I decided to try make it with my daughter… she was very excited and then ate the whole portion with lots of honey ;)


  • 4 cups / 1000 ml fresh whole milk (we used extra fat one)
  • 1 large lemon juice


  • strainer
  • muslin cloth


  1. Bring milk to boil and stir in lemon juice stirring constantly.
  2. Turn of the fire and and continue stirring until let the curds are created.
  3. Leave aside for couple of minutes.
  4. Drain through muslin cloth over the strainer.
  5. Once cooled down, squeeze out excess of moisture, remove from cloth and place in the fridge until completely cold, the best over night.
  6. Serve with some soured cream and sugar or honey.

This recipe makes small orange size portion of cheese.


Couple of  Polish ways to use white cheese:

Curd Cheese & Honey

Pierogi Leniwe (Polish “Lazy” Dumplings)

Cheese & Raisins Pancakes

This is Polish Twaróg (Soft White Cheese) that I found in Tesco’s, softer than the cheese I made but still delicious.

Polish half fat soft cheese

Polish cottage cheese

Your thoughts…

  1. For quite some time whenever the mood hit me I needed to make my own paneer for Indian dishes. Now it is readily available at the grocers but homemade is still the best.

  2. Yes making paneer is so easy at home and taste much better than the ones we buy from the store.

  3. Wow Margot…this cheese ball looks great…I never made cheese, sounds so easy from your description…maybe I should give this a try.  Nothing like fresh made cheese.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

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