Beetroot Smoothie

[adapted from Stella’s Murphy “Smoothies!”]


500g cooked and peeled beetroots
500g natural yogurt
400 ml apple juice
4 garlic cloves – optional
some chives or green part of spring onion for garnish (chopped) – optional




Place all ingredients except chives in a blender and process until smooth. Put to the fridge for couple of minutes to cool it down, share to the glasses, sprinkle optionally with chives.

Make 5 servings.

  • Try different proportions that suit your taste, often I use 500g beetroots, 1000g natural yogurt and 250ml apple juice, it makes 5-6 smoothies.
  • Skip garlic, chives and juice, use: 500g beetroots, 500g natural yogurt, cup of fresh milk and 2 tbs golden caster sugar to make 4 smoothies that even kids will love.

Your thoughts…

  1. Delicious!!! :lol:

  2. I bet this packed a punch! What a gorgeous colour this is :grin:

  3. what a great idea, margot! G will love this.

  4. I love beetroot and often have it in juices – e.g. beetroot, carrot and orange with a bit of ginger is yummy. I never thought of having it in smoothies!

  5. Wow this is so healthy, so delicious and so pretty!!

  6. Ooooh, look at that colour! Not sure it would make me get over my dislike of beetroot, but how lovely to look at ;-)

  7. The color is a knockout, and it looks too pretty to be “healthy.” [g]

  8. looks delicious,would it be nice to ad fresh not cooked beetrot because it is helthier

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