Avocado, Roasted Pepper and Coriander Pesto Sandwich


seeded wholemeal bread
ripe avocado (sliced)
lettuce (I used oak leaf lettuce)
cheese, ham or tofu
coriander pesto
roasted peppers in oil (drained)


Spread coriander pesto on bread, place lettuce, avocado, cheese , ham or tofu and roasted peppers inside. Top with another slice of bread and enjoy.

Your thoughts…

  1. Mmm, thanks for this. Funny, I always have a load of coriander left from curries or whatever and was thinking about making some kind of pesto with it. Thanks, I am now going to!


  2. I am going through a pesto and veggies sandwich phase right now. Cannot seem to get enough of them. This one sound delicious.

  3. This looks like just the thing for my lunch… if only I had the ingredients handy!

  4. Sometimes all we need is a delicious sandwich to make the day seem right:D

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