Lunchbox # 30 – Ham & Leaf Sandwich, Grapes, Cheese & Crackers

Lunchbox # 30 (for 4 year old girl)

Coffee and Vanilla

  • round, sesame roll with turkey ham, butter and seasonal mixed baby leaves
  • mixed grapes with flower stem shaped pick
  • cherry tomatoes in silicone muffin case
  • Babybel cheese and mini crackers in silicone muffin case
  • 250 ml plum & pomegranate fruit tea in a bottle
  • single green apple wipe (not pictured)
  • mini tissue package (not pictured)

Everything closed in a lunchbox with a strap, placed together with fruit shaped food chillers in a plastic zip bag.

Again all food disappeared… only crumbs left. Tomorrow I will try to pack a little bit more, maybe it was not enough?

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Your thoughts…

  1. Maybe the cutest thing I have ever seen ever!

  2. Thank you, but there is many more cutter boxes out there… just take a look at Wholesome Lunchbox round-ups :)

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