Kluski Kładzione (Polish Dumplings)


3 cups plain flour
3 eggs
¾ cup milk
1½ tbs Vegeta (vegetable seasoning)


Mix flour, eggs, milk and Vegeta in a large mixing bowl using spoon. If dough is too hard to stir add a little bit more milk.
Bring large, flat pot of water to boil. Using tablespoon place portions of the dough in the water.
It depends from the size of the pot, but you will have to probably cook ½ of the dough at the time.
Cook for 10-15 minutes, remove from the pot with slotted spoon or drain in a colander.

Serve with the soup, for instance: “Rosol z Kury / Polish Chicken Soup” or as a side dish with poultry or meat.

Serve 4-5 people.

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  1. Thank you Margot. I have been searching for this recipe which my mother also used to make and very delicious. However, I cannot recall her ever making them using eggs. I will try it out. Thanks again.

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