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Granny Square with Puff Stitch Circles

Posted on: 12th Mar 2013

step-by-step granny square crochet tutorial


  • yarn


  • crochet hook (I used 4.00 mm one)


stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (sl), puff stitch (ps), triple crochet / treble (tr)


Start with 6 ch, close the chain with sl to create a circle.

who to make puff stitch


  • To start the new round work 2 ch as 1 sc and then 15 more sc stitches, close round with sl.
  • Connect another colour and work puff stitch into each sc from previous round. Close the round with sl.

To create puff stitch yarn over (yo), insert the hook into foundation stitch, yo draw up a loop, repeat 3 times into the same foundation stitch, the last time draw the yarn though all 7 loops on a hook, finish with ch 1. You can also make the puff even more puffy creating loops 4 instead of 3 times.


  • Change colour of the yarn.
  • Work ps into each space between puff stitches from the previous round.

how to turn crochet circle to square


  • Connect another colour and work 3 ch as 1 dc and 2 more dc into one of the spaces between puff stitches from the previous round, ch 1 and again 3 dc into another space. Repeat until you have 3 sets of 3 dc.
  • To make a corner work 3 tr 2 ch 3 tr into one space.
  • Ch 1 and again work 3 sets of 3 dc until you will reach another corner.
  • Close the round with sl.


  • Repeat round 3 as many times as you need to achieve required size of the square.

granny square free crochet pattern


I used this granny square pattern to create pillow case for my daughter.

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