Doll’s Dress – Crochet Pattern


  • about 30 g of colourful yarn
  • two buttons
  • piece of thread

crochet dolls dress pattern


  • crochet hook – I used 3.00 mm one
  • needle to sew on the buttons

crochet dolls dress free pattern


stitches used: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl) & single crochet (sc)

Start with a ch, long enough to go around doll’s chest. Make sure the chain is not twisted and connect it with a sl.

Work sc until the end of the round, then continue with sc for about 7 more rounds.


  1. Start a mesh pattern: work 5 ch, skip 1 stitch in the foundation, make sc into the next chain, repeat until the end of the round.
  2. In the next round make 5 ch, skip 3 stitches in the foundation, make sc into the middle of the mesh chain, repeat until the end of the round.
  3. Repeat this mesh pattern for as many rounds as required to make the dress long enough. I made 12 mesh rounds.


  1. Sew on two buttons on the front of the dress.
  2. In the same position as the buttons, but on the back of the dress, add the straps. Make each of them 3-5 sc wide, turn and repeat until the straps are long enough to go across the doll’s back to the front where the buttons are.
  3. Finish each strap with a chain loop for the buttons.


This is my first attempt to write down crochet pattern so please forgive me and don’t hesitate to correct me if there are any mistakes.

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Your thoughts…

  1. Bacwest57 says:

    i think its cute..cant wait to try it

  2. I Love it! THANK YOU….i was looking all over for one like this and I stumbled on this page and I’m so happy I did and I’m going to do this right now!

  3. Thank you for nice comments, I’m glad someone find it useful :)

  4. thank you have just finished this for my granddaughters baby born doll, thanks for sharing it with us … fran Bowman

  5. ‘m very happy to hear that the pattern is being useful, thank you for leaving the comment! :)

  6. Barbie-Jo says:

    So cute making it now for my daughter only my second crochet project and the directions are so easy. Thanks. :D

  7. Love that you have made this so easy and universal! I will be making this for my daughters dolls!
    Thank you so much!

  8. Teresa Fisher says:

    I love this…am going to try this for my grand daughter!!

  9. Rhonda Clem says:

    I made my youngest daughter a layout outfits for a doll for x.mas years ago and could only find sweater and hat. Ilove these doll outfits. Wish I could of had them back then. Keep up the great work.

  10. Sharon Oft says:

    Found this pattern two days ago. I have already made 3 of them. Instead of short I made them long. Thank you so much for sharing. Two will be for Xmas, for American Girl dolls. Keep them coming. Thanks again.

  11. Margaret Young says:

    Worked this pattern up tonight for a bear I crocheted for a christmas present for my mom it worked up quick and easy and fit the bear perfect! It looks so cute!

  12. Sharon Mitchell says:

    what size is this geared for? I just found this and have 3 new grand nieces. Will be looking for dolls and making outfits for birthday#1!

  13. There is no specific size, you start with the chain long enough to go around the doll chest, so it can any size really…

  14. i used to make soft sculpture dolls, and still have several but dressing them is limited to preemie clothes. I’m going to start crocheting them since seeing this darling pattern. But my skills are still in the beginning phase, and I don’t know what the mesh stitch is. Can you provide directions or direct me somewhere to find some instructions. I would love more patterns. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I made a couple of these over the weekend for 18″ dolls tops.Instead of making a circle I made a crochet strip to fit around chest (chain 40,13 rows SC,then join),this was using 4 ply yarn and an “H” hook. One I made a green top and varigated bottom,the other I made solid pink.They both turned out really cute .

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