Lunchbox # 1 – Tuna, Dill and Sweet Corn Pasta Salad

Lunchbox # 1 (for 12 year old boy)


I wish I could be more creative, pack lunch in some cute boxes and lunchbox bag, arrange fancy cutouts all over it but this is lunch for 12 year old boy, who forbid me decorating his lunch :) … well, I guess I have to wait till my daughter, that is 2 now, will start going to preschool.


  • “Tuna, Dill and Sweet Corn Pasta Salad” (follow the link for recipe)
  • fruit salad ( chopped apple and handful of seedless white grapes)
  • pure fruit juice (apple), on sport days extra bottle of water or fruit tea cooled down and poured into a bottle
  • small Snickers bar
  • small fromage frais
  • disposable fork / spoon
  • napkin

More lunchboxes coming soon…. some already existing recipes for Lunchbox Food you can find here.

Your thoughts…

  1. I love the whole healthy lunchbox thing. I usually end up taking leftovers to work in my lunchbox.

  2. I’ve submitted a recipe for your event. Great idea!

  3. A great entry Margot with your Pasta salad mmmmm….
    I have now sent my enrty in to you also – what a brilliant idea of yours to start the “Wholesome Lunchbox”. :D

    Rosie x

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