Red Kidney Bean and Cheese Wrap with Garlicy Dressing


few slices of cheese (I used mild Cheddar)
some chopped spring onion or chives
some chopped sweet red, yellow or orange bell pepper
1-2 tbs drained red kidney or other beans from the tin
small handful of mixed leaves (rocket / arugula / rucola , watercress, baby spinach, lambs lettuce, endive, radicchio, apollo lettuce, lollo verde, ret batavia etc.)
1 medium-large tortilla wrap

for the dressing
soured cream, fromage frais or natural yogurt – optionally mixed with some mayonnaise
herbal pepper mix
Knorr Aromat or other vegetable seasoning with salt
garlic granules


Prepare dressing mixing all ingredients together to you taste.
Place cheese, spring onion, pepper, beans on the wrap, top it with leaves and dressing and wrap.

Your thoughts…

  1. I love wraps – now, note to self to get some tortillas….

  2. Great combo and I adore wraps too :D

  3. lovely combinations!!

  4. Hey Margot… sounds great! I’ll share my curry chicken and cranberry one real soon! I think you’ll like it too…

  5. Margot i’d do any thing to eat that wrap right now. Love kidney beans and sour cream …. specially all wrapped up ! yum !

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