Weetabix with Poppy Seeds & Coconut Milk


2 Weetabix bars (or other wheat bars)
1 cup of semi skimmed milk
1 tbs coconut milk powder
2 tsp poppy seeds
dark soft brown sugar, maple syrup or honey to taste
almond flakes to sprinkle


Warm up milk, add wheat bars, coconut milk, poppy seeds and sugar.
Stir, sprinkle with almonds.
Serve immediately.

Make 1 serving.

Your thoughts…

  1. I have such a small supply of poppy seeds here, so I’ll have to leave that for Sydney ;-)

  2. ahh!! I LOVE Weetabix!! :0D

  3. YUM!!! We want to eat it NOW.

  4. That looks really interesting. Wow what a great recipe, unusual. We call them Weetbix here in Aussie Land.

  5. I looooovvvveee weetabix for breakfast and will certainly have to give this recipe a go.

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