Mixed Fruit & Condensed Milk Pie

condensed milk tinned fruits cake recipe


  • 2 x 400g tin of mixed fruit salad / cocktail in juice or light syrup (drained)
  • 200g sweetened condensed milk
  • few drops of vanilla extract

for the pastry

  • 1½ cups plain white flour
  • ½ bar – 100g unsalted butter (cold, chopped)
  • ¼ cup fine caster sugar
  • 1 large egg
  • 2 pinches of salt


  • 9” (22,8 cm) round non stick cake tin


  1. To prepare pastry combine all ingredients and knead fast, dough can’t get too hot.
  2. Place in the fridge for couple of hours or even overnight to cool down.
  3. Take out pastry from the fridge, cut off ⅔ and remaining ⅓ put back in the fridge. Cut dough into slices with knife, cover bottom and sides (about 2½ cm tall / 1 inch) of the tin with the dough. With your fingers flatten the dough to cover all possible spaces in between pastry slices.
  4. Prick bottom with plastic fork (not to scratch the tin) and place it in preheated oven to 175°C (350°F) for about 15 minutes. Dough have to get dry and start getting golden.
  5. Combine drained fruits with condensed milk and pour on the top of the dough.
  6. Remove remaining dough from the fridge and cut it into stripes, cover top of the cake with them, but it does not have to cover exactly all the fruits, some spaces in between stripes are ok.
  7. Put back to the oven for 25-30 minutes, top of the pie should be golden brown.
  8. Let it cool down before removing from the tin because hot pie can very easily crack.
  9. Serve chilled.

Makes 8 servings.


To make it even faster you can use previously prepared pastry or ready short crust.

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  1. What a stunning tarte!! So flavourful & so special too, dear Margo!!

  2. Well Margot, I would have to say this is a winner:D

  3. Anything with condensed milk MUST be tasty!

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