Truvia – Natural Stevia Leaf Sweetener Review

natural sweetener from stevia leaf

For the last few days I’ve been testing this Truvia – new natural sweetener by Silver Spoon.

Very positive thing is that it is natural because made from stevia leaves. It can be used in drinks, cooking, baking or simply to sprinkle over cereals or fruits such as strawberries or grapefruits without feeling guilty about calories.

Stevia leaf also known as sweet leaf or sugar leaf is native to South America, Central America & North America. In Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay the leaves have been traditionally used for centuries to sweeten foods, teas such as yerba mate, medicines and eaten fresh as a sweet treat. Stevia leaves has been also used for decades in Japan where stevia sweeteners are widely available.

Another good thing is that Truvia is calorie free what makes it good sugar alternative for people with diabetes and those who are on a diet.

Truvia comes in 60ct or 120ct sachet packs or in a spoonable jars. The first one comes with lovely little purse to pack couple of sachets to carry in your bag, I like this idea.

calorie free natural sugar alternative

It is said that ⅓ tsp of Truvia (1 sachet)  is as sweet as 1 tsp of sugar… I’m not very convinced about that. I haven’t got a chance to try it out in baking or cooking as I only had sachets to test but definitely 1 sachet of Truvia does not taste as sweet as 1 tsp of sugar in my tea.

But again even type of sugar make a difference to the taste and that is why you can’t substitute sweetener in  the same amount as the regular sugar. You can see better on this Truvia’s conversion chart how much to use when you are replacing sugar in the recipes.

Re-assessing, Truvia is natural stevia leaf, calorie-free sweetener that does not taste exactly like sugar but it does not leave unpleasant after taste and heart burn when some other sweeteners do, certainly worth trying.

I still won’t be using it for my coffee as I like mine only with Demerara, unless there will one day Truvia that taste like  brown sugar, but I’m planning to get some Truvia in a jar to give it a try in baking. From now on I will be also using it to sweeten foods such as fruits to reduce amount of calorie intake.

With Thanks to Silver Spoon & Kris from Kaizo for complementary samples.

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