Tried & Tested Products – The Round-up (July 2013)

In July I got a chance to try variety of new products: healthy chips, yummy chocolates, cookie spread and wholegrain basmati rice… I have also couple of book reviews I would like to share with you shortly.

Lotus biscuit spread speculoos spread

Lotus biscuits are long time favourite in our family but we have never tired the spread, although I have heard of it before… Having cookies smashed and spread on the toast may seem bizarre but regardless how strange it sounds the result is amazingly delicious and addictive… you simply can’t stop on one toast. The taste of Lotus spread (£2.29 at Waitrose) resembles very much Lotus cookies: spiced, caramelised and very sweet. It has texture of peanut butter, can easily even replace it if you are allergic to peanuts, especially that the spread comes also in “crunchy” version.

new baby chocolates

To celebrate arrival of the new prince into the Royal Family Hotel Chocolat came up with new collection of New Arrival gifts for parents. Pictured above box is a selection of 12 chocolates (£14.00 / 145 g) in 6 flavours. I don’t really know which one I liked the best, all of them were divine but definitely raspberry pannacotta were the the most beautiful looking ones. Extremely classy gift that any new parent should enjoy, I would (!)

Tilda wholegrain basmati

Tilda’s Wholegrain Basmati (about £2.50 per 500 g) is nutty, rich in fibre and healthy rice. It takes a bit longer than regular basmati to cook therefore would perfect for all kind of soups and stews.

never fried never baked healthy chips crisps

Popchips are healthier crisps that are never fried or baked but popped like popcorn instead. There is quite a few flavours of Popchips on the market already and now the brand created a new flavour (in cooperation with Katy Perry): Katy’s Kettle Corn – sweet and salty.  They have unexpected taste, sweet and salty at the same time, quite addictive to be honest, it is very hard to stop munching on them… Popchips are available in many supermarkets nationwide (about £2.00 / 85 g pack).

DISCLOSURE: I received Popchips as a perk from Klout, Tilda rice & chocolates from Hotel Chocolat were sent to me for review purposes. I have purchased Lotus spread myself. I was not financially compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Your thoughts…

  1. My 2.5 year old is NUTS for Lotus spread. He calls it “cookie butter”, if I would let him he’d eat it ALL DAY LONG. In Holland it’s called speculous. New arrival chocolates sound fabulous! (We’re contenders for new arrival gifts :) I’m due August 30th) :) :)
    Why are you getting this??? you too?

  2. I know, Lotus spread is very dangerous :) Congratulations, you don’t have that long left, hope the weather is kind to you… My older one was born at the end of July and I remember the last weeks were struggle. Oh no, I’m not. It was for review purposes because of the new prince in the Royal Family, chocolates are chocolates, I would never say no to them ;)

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