Easy Peasy Stripy Crochet Bookmark Pattern

You don’t need to have almost any crocheting skills to make this bookmark, it could be actullay your first project as it require only 3 basic crochet stitches and is a small project that should not take too long.

how to make crochet bookmark


  • couple of colours of leftover crochet yarn


  • crochet hook (I used 4 mm one)

simple crochet projects how to make crochet bookmark


Please note that names of the stitches vary, this is UK pattern, click through for UK to US crochet stitches conversion chart.

stitches used: chain (ch), double crochet (dc), slip stitch (ss)

  1. Start with a chain, long enough to fit inside the book, then work dc for couple of rows (I made 2 rows of each colour) starting with 1 ch for the first dc and leaving long pieces of yarn on the beginning and at the end of each colour for frills.
  2. Once the bookmark is wide enough finish with ss
  3. Secure loose ends of yarn tying the same two colours of thread together.
  4. Tie in also extra yarn pieces to make the frills thicker and voilà, the bookmark is ready.

 crochet bookmark project and Pippi Longstocking book by Astrid Lindgren



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  1. Beautiful bookmark, Margot. I’ve only begun to relearn how to crotchet – my kids have a couple of activity sets that rely on crotchet stitches to complete them….and its amazing how liberating it is. To make something.

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