Super Easy Half Double Crochet Mesh Scarf Tutorial

double crochet mesh scarf pattern


  • about 100g of yarn

double crochet mesh scarf tutorial


  • crochet hook – I used 3.00 mm one

crochet mesh scarf step by step


stitches used: chain (ch), slip stitch (sl) & half double crochet (hdc)

Start with a chain stitch, even multiplies of 3 plus 1 extra stitch. I made two scarves, one 24+1 stitches wide, other one 30+1 wide.

crochet mesh scarf how to start

Turn over and work 3 hdc into foundation chain.

crochet mesh scarf how to

Skip 3 stitches in the foundation chain working 3 ch to make a mesh and then work again 3 hdc into foundation, continue like this till the end of the row.

crochet mesh scarf picture tutorial

At the end work 1 last hdc into the last chain of the foundation and turn over.

crochet mesh scarf step-by-step

Work 2 ch as first hdc and then 2 extra hdc into the first mesh loop.

crochet mesh scarf steps

Then work 3 ch and 3 hdc into next loop.

crochet mesh scarf easy tutorial

Repeat this mesh pattern until the end of the row.

crochet mesh scarf free pattern

Work the last 3 ch in this row.

crochet mesh scarf how-to

Then work 1 hdc but this time not into the loop but into the last stitch of the foundation row.

crochet mesh scarf free pattern

Turn over…

kids's mesh scarf

ROW 3+
Repeat steps from the previous row until the scarf is long enough.

crochet mesh scarf how to

Optionally tight bunches of 5-6 yarn pieces to both ends of the scarf. Some bunches can be easily pulled through mesh, others you will have to pull through with the hook.

children's crochet mesh scarf


This is my second attempt to write down crochet pattern so please forgive me and don’t hesitate to correct me if there are any mistakes.

Your thoughts…

  1. Cookatiepowell says:

    Hi, I really like this scarf, but I would like to know if you have a video of this scarf?

    1. No, unfortunately those photos are all I have.

  2. Great Step by Step..  Thanks

  3. nengelmann says:

    I love this pattern!!  I’ve made several and plan to make more.  Thanks for sharing it!

  4. Thanks for sharing your crochet talent! I am using this pattern to make scarves for a holiday donation at my local library. I need a simple pattern to make scarves fast and this one was perfect! Thanks again:)

  5. Love the pattern and the easy to follow directions. Going to start one this am. thank you

  6. What would the dimensions be if I used a bigger c5ochet hook. Maybe a F/5-3.75 from Boye?
    Thanks, Christina

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