Super Easy DIY Bleach Pattern Shirts

This is super easy, fun idea that I meant to try for ages but for some reason did not realize how fast to make it actually was because I would do it earlier.

As the Rio 2016 Olympics are taking place my girls are crazy about watching the games, especially gymnastics so I had no other choice but to make them Olympic shirts, it took me less than 30 minutes (!)

For myself I tried something different with various circle sizes… I’ve also done watercolour pattern using acrylic fabric shirts on another shirt.

how bleach the patterns on shirts


  • shirts (best cotton, dark colours are better to contrast bleach patterns)
  • thick bleach
  • cardboard

best shirts for tie dyeing bleach dyeing and watercolour effect

dying fabrics with bleach tutorial

bowl with bleach, glass for stamping and stretched on the cardboard shirt


  • glass, jar or any other bleach resistant item to make the patterns (we used two sizes of upside down glasses, glass juice bottle)

bleach shirt diy project

stamping with bleach

Olympic logo DIY shirt

waiting for pattern to develop

bleach patterns peroxide patterns

almost ready to rinse


  1. Before you start stretch shirt on the cardboard, it will make it easier to stamp and will protect back of the shirt at the same time.
  2. Pour some bleach into flat bowl, dip the glass or jar and use it to stamp the shirt.
  3. Leave aside for couple of minutes for the pattern to develop.
  4. Rinse the shirt in cold water to remove any traces of bleach.
  5. Then wash the shirt properly either in hand or in washing machine.
  6. Once dry, it is ready to wear.

Olympic shirt for kids diy project handmade pattern

ready, washed and dried shirt with Olympic circles

bleached shirt in circle patterns

ready, washed and dried shirt with random circle pattns


Keep the bleach on the fabric for only as long as necessary to create the pattern and quickly rinse. The longer bleach stays in the fibres, the weaker they are going to be and more prone to tears in future.

This is also quite handy idea to rescue all those shirts stained by accident with bleach. If you make patterns around it the stain will look like it was made on purpose and you will never have throw away bleach stained shirt again…


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  1. These are so cute, love this idea!!!

  2. Thanks Kavey!! :)

  3. Thanks Anna ;)

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