Rocket Leaves / Roquette / Arugula / Rucola

Rocket plant also called RoquetteArugula or Rucola is related to cress and horseradish.

It’s seeds can be used as a substitute for mustard seeds. Leaves have strong peppery and nutty flavour.

There are two types of rocket that we can find in supermarkets, often mixed together in the same package. Plain rocket plant have more oval leaves and its flowers are white. Wild rocket flowers and yellow and edges of the leaves jagged. Sometimes you can find rocket leaves that are purple in colour.

rocket wild rocket roquette arugula rucola

The rocket plants are native to Central and Southern Europe, but have also been spread to Northern America.

Rocket leaves can be used in salads, hot dishes and as a garnish.


Can be used for instance in Warm Chicken, Mung, Rocket and Couscous Salad.

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  1. i love rockets.. however it cost a bomb here… rocket pesto… YUMMY

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