Photo Quiz # 5 (CLOSED) – Answer and Announcing The Winner


Do you remember this quiz?

Quiz # 5 – Prize: Göt 2b Spa Facial Brush


The correct answer was: Christophene, Chayote, Chocho, Buddha Hand Squash or any other name that is in use in your area… you can read more about Christophenes here.

Thank you Everyone who participated!

I received many emails with answers, the most common were: Buddha’s hand squash, chayote, chayote squash, chow chow… the other answers were:  quince, a bagel “hole” and cabbage patch doll :)

And now it is the time to announce randomly selected winner, and the winner is: Happy Cook of My Kitchen Treasures from Belgium! Congratulations Happy Cook!!! Your package with Göt 2b Spa facial brush is on the way…

And for those that did not get a chance to win I have a good news, I will be hosting another quiz with the same prize shortly, so visit again soon! ;)

Your thoughts…

  1. yupeeeeeeeeeee I won. It will be a wonderful christmas present. Thankyou.

  2. LOL! A bagel “hole”! The funny thing is that I saw these in a supermarket in France over the weekend and I was all overexcited: “ooooh, look!! It’s that thing from Margot’s quiz!!” while my husband tried to pretend he didn’t know me :)

  3. Well that’s something I’ve never seen before. Or even heard of, for that matter.

  4. Darn it. And I knew that one too. :) I’m happy for Happy Cook though. She is such a sweetie!

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